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October 25, 2010 / styletyphoon

HK: Burberry Blue Label

The cliché is all Asians go crazy for the Burberry checks, and Japan reinforced this by buying the license from Burberry and launching Burberry Blue Label a few years ago.

Burberry Blue is exclusive to Japan, however expansion into the rest of Asia began recently, with the opening of Burberry Black and Blue in HK.

The style is younger, and there is of course a massive emphasis on the checks, the prices are slightly cheaper and the sizes are cut to fit the asian market.

Ironically, maybe one day this Japanese label that originated from an authentic British label, will expand this younger look back to the West?


October 23, 2010 / styletyphoon

UK: Cozy Kissing Bears…



My new Pamela Love ring … I just had to get it. Read more…

October 20, 2010 / styletyphoon

HK: Rainbow Liu’s Walking City Dress

LOVE this! Loving the hair too

As a fashion Graduate Rainbow Liu sure seems to have a bright future, she can design my wardrobe any day!

October 19, 2010 / styletyphoon


So here we begin with Marc Jacobs 2011 Spring collection for Louis Vuitton, East meets West in the most definitive way possible.

However, there has been controversy over whether this collection is an homage to the fact that China are a growing force in the world.

I say who cares! Shanghai Tang have been in the industry for years and no one makes a big hoo-ha that their designs are all chinese influenced! But maybe this will pave the way for labels such as Shanghai Tang to become more mainstream? They sure as hell deserve it, the quality and cut of their clothes are to the highest standard.

However I do agree that chinese influenced styles cater for the western world, its funny how the east want to look like the west and the west want to look like the east.

Well lets explore this!